Our Mission

The Earth Stewards is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to repurposing former surface coal mine sites in Central Appalachia for ecological restoration, economic development, and positive social change. 


Our organization provides technical assistance and expertise, as well as long-term oversight and program management services. We are arranging a regional cooperative for post-mine reuse and working with communities to organize programs that will foster economic development and revitalization.

With an incubator business model that identifies and propels the solutions most likely to succeed, and by establishing enduring environmental stewardship partnerships, The Earth Stewards is a catalyst for change and long term sustainability. The Earth Stewards bridges the divide between the traditional land trust model and the new restoration economy - advancing a regenerative model for economic activity based on community empowerment, ecological restoration, and renewable resources.

Our Initiatives

  • Food production and renewable resources such as specialty cut flowers as well as biomass crops for energy and for bio-based products
  • Renewable energy generation from wind, solar, and biofuels
  • Reforestation and mitigation of riparian habitats with native species to develop biodiverse environments and mitigation banks
  • Carbon credits from soil carbon sequestration and reforestation  
  • Research, education, and community outreach through partnerships with institutions and service learning groups, providing opportunities for experiential learning, and establishing satellite research stations on post-mine lands